Security Dog & Handler Training Courses

A1 K9 are an accredited training and examination centre for both the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers & The National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users. Our instructors are able to tutor both dogs and handlers in preparation for examination by either body and are fully conversant with the current legislative requirements governing the use of dogs within the commercial sector.

We are firmly committed to helping to raise the standards of dogs and handlers within the security sector. We believe that by raising the standards companies and individuals involved within the sector will be treated as professionals and will be able to charge more realistic rates for the services that they provide.


The BIPDT security dog handlers accreditation is awarded to a dog and handler team after successfully completing the course and subsequent test and remains in force for a period of three years after which time the dog and handler are re tested.

At the time of the test the candidate will be asked questions relating to their dogs health, all of which is covered in the BIPDT security dog handlers handbook.

The level 1 accreditation  basically consist of:

Obedience Work: heel work inc turns to the left and right, the sit, the down, the stay (in sight of the handler), the recall and the present (the dog to sit up in front of the handler to re attach leash).

Patrol, Location and Criminal Work: The handler is taught to patrol in a proper co-ordinated manner with his or her dog and to recognise indications given by the dog that there may be an intruder on the premises. The dog is taught to bark having located an intruder.

The dog and handler team are taught how to deal with an intruder once they have been located and the dog may have to demonstrate its ability to protect its handler from attack. Once the situation has been brought under control the dog and handler team will be shown how to safely escort the intruder to a designated area.

Agility: The dog must be taught to negotiate certain obstacles, namely a 3ft hurdle and a 4ft 6" solid wall whilst remaining under full and proper control.

Other: The handler must be able to fit a muzzle to his or her dog and must show that they are able to carry the dog if required for at least 10 paces. The handler will also be taught basic dog care skills ie. grooming, feeding, and how to recognise common ailments and indications of other potential problems ie. poisoning, twisted gut etc.. The handler will be taught how to administer basic first aid to their dog and what to do in case of their dog requiring emergency treatment.


The Security Dog Handlers handbook along with the full details and cost of the accreditation is available from BIPDT via their website.

Contact details for the training venues and accredited assessors may also be found on their website .



The criteria for the NTIPDU course is similar to the BIPDT course, however, the dog and handler teams are accredited annually and continuation training is required at a recognised training centre 10 months out of twelve to keep the licence current.

The NTIPDU Security dog handlers hand book is available from NTIPDU New House, Cefyn Vaynor, Berriew, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 8PP Telephone: 01686 640781. Full details of the NTIPDU security dog handler course is available by following this link.




For further information on security courses or suitable dogs that we have available contact A1K9 on 01792 883395 or 07798 500390.