Craig Barnes Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Kim - Family Protection Dog

Kim Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick line to say we have had Kim home for four weeks now, from her intensive obediance training with you at A1-K9. With Richard being her appointed trainer, and Kath left holding the lead, (so to speak) as Richard had a couple days in Spain (working I am told....I'll have a bit of that).

Well what can I say.... when we arrived we were greeted by Kath with her lovely Welsh tones and a nice cup of coffee. After all it was a long journey from the North East (Stockton-on-Tees), but with the Sat Nav on. Not a problem, with the postcode entered it guided us right to the front gate.

Kim our GSD bitch was a bit of a handful so much so I had stopped taking her for walks, it was a nightmare, pulling on the lead. Being aggressive and barking at everyone with a dog. A bit of an embarrassment to be honest. We had rescued her from the Local Authority, her previous owners circumstances had changed and they could no longer give her the loving home she deserved. She is fantastic with the kids and a great companion.

When we left her in the capable hands of the staff at A1-K9 she was what can only be described as a juvenile deliquant. I am sure some of you reading this will have seen the shows on cable Tv where owners are often shown near to break down.... well that was me!

When we went back to collect Kim we were shown her 'working' with Richard both on and off the lead. I was really amazed at the change just four weeks had made. I even commented to Kath and said "thats not the same dog we left four weeks ago" it was a joy to watch her.

We were then taken down to the field and introduced back to Kim. She was quite excited to see us and vice versa. We then spent almost four hours with Richard going through what they had done with her and how she had been. She was introduced to some of the other dogs at the Kennels and allowed down time in the fields to play around with them. This is something I would not have dreamt of, getting Kim anywhere near another dog.

Back at home Kim has made new friends on her walks now, one lovely great big Rottwieller dog who she will meet up with two or three times a week and have a good run with.

My wife Denise, could not believe it last week when he walked past our house and the door was open (I was saying farewell to some guests), Kim sat in the stay and never moved or growled and let him walk right up to our front door. Before A1-K9 she would have been going beserk and having to be physically restrained.

A job well done and one very happy family with a happy dog. Please find attached some pictures for your web site if you choose to use them.


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