David & Linda Walker Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Gnasher - Family Protection Dog

Gnasher Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Could we take this opportunity to compliment you and your colleagues upon the excellent way you promote both yourselves and your business. Taking the decision to purchase any animal should not be taken lightly especially given the potential problems associated with large dogs, so therefore, we were very pleased with the way you handled our initial enquiry, taking great care to establish our expectations and requirements in order to ensure that any potential problems would be spotted at that stage. Having established a possible match between Gnasher and ourselves, you then went to a lot of trouble on our behalf to arrange some first class accommodation near yourselves, allowing us to come and meet you all. After an enjoyable day spent in the company of Gnasher and the eternally patient Phil and colleague Howard, we all agreed that Gnasher and ourselves were compatible therefore the deal was done and we headed back to Yorkshire with our new companion.

After arriving home, we were delighted by the follow up service provided by yourselves, within hours you were calling us to ensure we weren’t having any problems and offering helpful advice on how to settle the dog into his new home with any amount of patient explanations regarding canine and ‘human behaviour’. So, therefore, we really feel you do offer the ultimate complete service and would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all concerned, in our opinion you fulfilled the number one rule of business i.e. you did what you said you would do.

Many thanks and continued success

David & Linda Walker

P.S. Well worth the 500-mile trip, Gnasher is a gem.


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