Debra Dyche

A1K9 Debra Dyche with Javir

Secretary / Personal Assistant

Debra joined A1K9 in February 2010 having previously worked with Charles at another one of his companies. She is Charles's personal assistant and an integral part of A1K9, taking care of all the day-to-day office work and dealing with the many enquiries A1K9 receives from prospective and existing clients.
Since starting here, Debra has become more and more involved in all aspects of A1K9 and can often be found helping out at the kennels, grooming, or walking the dogs. A dog lover, she really enjoys the interaction with the dogs and is already very accomplished at handling them in both obedience and protection and regularly helps with handovers.
Debra is really keen to add another string to her bow and learn to train the dogs from scratch and ultimately to get more involved with the training of our personal protection dogs ~ but then who would look after the office?
Debra is a mum to four boys, has three grandchildren and is the proud owner of A1K9 German Shepherd “Abi”, her Bichon Frise “Oli”, “Rosie” her Cocker Spaniel and “Ozzy” her Cockapoo.
In her “spare time”, she enjoys reading and catching up on her favourite soaps, although I don’t know how she finds the time, especially as she always seems to have a million things to do!

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