Eddie Mc Gorrigle Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Troy - Family Protection Dog

Troy Personal Protection Dog

Dear Charles and Gaynor

Just a few lines to let you know how Troy and I are getting on.

As someone who is a wheelchair user and a father of a 7 year old I was at first apprehensive in deciding which dog would be best suited. I knew I hadn't the time or patience to get a puppy and so I started looking at A1K9's site. From talking to both Charles and Gaynor (whilst sussing them out to see if they were genuine), it was clear that they were the experts, they were sussing me out as well I later learned to see if I would be a good owner. I was impressed from the start and put my trust in them completely on which dog would be best suited for my needs. Not long later Gaynor mentioned Troy a Rottweiller who was a very gentle but fearsome-looking dog.

Eventually, I travelled over to Wales from my home in Northern Ireland and booked into a guest house in Pembroke, ready for a short train journey down to Swansea where I would meet Troy. It was all an adventure in a way, as it was about 15 years since I had travelled so far on my own. I met Gaynor at the train station and straight away we set off for her mansion in the mountains where I met Troy. The place was beautiful, the people were really friendly and with dogs barking on my left and right Troy approached me and from the beginning we got on so well. He was great with the wheelchair and wasn''''t afraid of it like a lot of dogs, he walked easily on the lead and was very obedient. I was later to begin my journey home, Charles and Gaynor very kindly drove me to the ferry and it was then, just troy and I. Troy was very placid, after a 4 hour ferry crossing we had a 7 hour car journey to look forward to. Troy never complained and eventually we arrived home. Liam my 7yr old immediately threw his arms around Troy and they have been inseparable ever since. I have had Troy for a few months now and he is very settled, I''''ve got to know his personality and how to judge Troy in many different circumstances. He is very protective, no one is allowed into my space as Troy has to have part of it. I work in an office where I take him most days; he lies at my feet and tells me when he needs to go to the toilet. He has become a central figure in our family and seems totally happy in our company, he hates being left. I would thoroughly recommend Charles, Gaynor and the team at A1K9 to anyone, even those in chairs who thought they might not be able to control a large dog; a well chosen, correctly trained dog will make a loving and protective friend. Thanks to Charles and Gaynor for everything. If you wish to speak to me about Troy or whatever, Charles will put you in touch with me. Regards and many thanks, Eddie


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