Gordon C Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Ronnie - Family Protection Dog


Hi Gaynor and Charles, I thought I would write to update you on Ronnie.

Well, Ronnie is now completely and utterly our baby, unlike any other dog we have ever had.He has settled in, and is most surely the right dog for us, quiet most of the time, very loving to us and our grandson kye, loyal and overall the best choice we could have made.

Ronnie has become (just as we wanted) a bold protector of the home and people who call at the house are left in no doubt that he is around as he loudly announces their presence.

He is very impresive as he hurtles towards the gates but as soon as we arrive and switch him off, he reverts to that big old teddy we also wanted. He has also proved to be bold when it was needed.

My family and come to that our neighbours now feel very safe as Ronnies around and keeping a watchful eye.

Thank you for letting us have him.

All the best,



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