Ian and Nicky D Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Henk - Family Protection Dog

Henk Personal Protection Dog

We would like to thank Charles, Gaynor Richard and the rest of the A1K9 Crew for helping us choose the perfect dog for us. We had been having a few problems and felt we needed that little bit of added protection so we contacted a1k9. From the first phone call, we got the impression that we had gone to the right people so off we went to Wales. When we arrived we were made very welcome with a nice cup of tea and plenty of biscuits. Charles asked us details of the problems we were having and he then showed us a selection of dogs that he thought would do a job for us. We saw three initially and then Henk came in, a very bold and confident dog who introduced himself to my ten year old son by giving him a big lick on the face. We immediately knew he was the one for us. The deal was done and couple of days later we went to pick him up and receive a very comprehensive training lesson on how to handle him which was brilliant and very enjoyable. That was three months ago and now Henk is very much part of the family, He lets anyone who comes to the house in, as long as he’s told that they are ok but leaves no doubt in their mind that he is there to do a job. Henk is a total pleasure to walk .and although he sometimes tries to push is luck when he see another male dog, we still wouldn’t have him any other way he his very protective of Nicky and the kids. He makes sure when there is any potential threat that he puts himself between the threat and his family. Henk has given my family peace of mind and our lives back. We decided to get him a bit of company so we bought a puppy from one of a1k9 trainers and when the times right we will be going back to A1K9 for her training. We recommend A1 K9 to anyone who thinking about that bit of extra home security. They do what it says on the tin.
Thanks all at a1k9


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