Jeanette Flemming Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Max - Family Protection Dog

Max Personal Protection Dog

Dear Gaynor, Charles and everyone at A1K9,

Just a quick note to let you know how Max is getting on with us.
He has settled in so well it’s hard to believe we’ve only has him just over 3 weeks. He is such a lovely dog and we couldn’t be more pleased with him. He has met all the neighbours (and their dogs) plus most of the family and, of course all the builders we have on site at the moment and he really is the star of the show.
No-one can believe how well behaved he is and what a superb temperament he has plus he is so good looking!!!
We have lots of long walks through the forest and we have been to the beach as well and he loves it. The ball has to come too, but he is getting more interested in all the smells around him, so he is less obsessive with it.
We have had him off lead when we take him for walks in the forest since day one and he has never run off. He only goes so far then comes back to make sure we are all still there and of course he comes when we call him. The builders say he should be called shadow because he follows John everywhere.

He has certainly become one of the family and we wouldn’t be without him now. He is a lot of fun a great friend.

I have enclosed some photos of him, as promised and as you can see he is a bit of a poser. We will keep in touch and let you know how he gets on in the future.

Thanks again for everything

Jeanette, John and Max xx

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