Jeff Bonser Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Chico - Family Protection Dog

Chico Personal Protection Dog

Hello Gaynor, Charles and Richard,

We were just looking at your site and thought we would update you on Chico.

He has completely got under our skin. His lovable nature and relaxed attitude to home has made him a wonderful part of the family - particularly with our 2 cats who he is interested in but knows he will get a swift smack from them if you goes over the line. If they are all in the garden we have some Tom and Jerry moments but he always responds to Jeff and stops. We have a lovely picture of the three of them fast asleep in our lounge.

We walk for miles with him, he comes to Barmouth and is a joy to have in the car, he just lies down and relaxes. He loves the beach and will run freely, although he s not too keen on the sea.

Whoever he meets comments on what a lovely dog he is. He sits quietly at our side when we stop and is so well behaved we found it difficult to believe at first. He sits for hours at the bottom of our field which has a bridal path just waiting for dog walkers to come past. He stands upright with his feet on the top part of the fence and watches everyone. There is no aggression but they never come too close.

Jeff takes him to the training ground to watch the players. He is a wonderful incentive for the players to work hard as he furiously barks wanting to get at the footballs being kicked around. This is the only time in the 7 months that he has barked. He comes into the office and lies by Jeff's desk or with his head across his feet.

We are so pleased with him. He is, as Richard said, a happy dog. He has filled such a gap in our lives- our house is now a home again and we have the added knowledge that if we felt threatened in any way he would deter anyone from harming us.

We often speak of you all at A1K9 in Wales and hope that you are keeping busy.

If you ever need us as a reference point we would be happy to help in anyway we can.

Best wishes to you all,

Karen & Jeff Bonser

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