Julie R Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Gizmo - Family Protection Dog

A1K9 Protection Dog

Gizmo has been a member of our family for 6months now. I can't tell you just what a joy it is to have such an obedient, quiet and calm dog.
He fitted in straight away with the other 5 dogs and did not even retaliate when the Spaniel bit him, not once but twice!
Living in a remote location can sometimes be a worry. Now that I have my own 'in house security' I never have any concern about being here alone. Having Gizmo here has enabled me to relax and enjoy my surroundings more.
Gizmo is my constant companion. He is a very loving dog and I have the confidence that he will protect me at all times.
I also want to mention how kind and supportive Gaynor was in helping us choose Gizmo. She was especially sympathetic to the concerns of my husband who was unsure about having a personal protection dog living in our home. I can safely say that my husband is now Gizmo's number 2 fan.
I would not hesitate to recommend a1k9 to anybody who is looking for either a personal protection dog or simply for an obedient pet.
We will keep you updated on Gizmo's progress in his new family and once again a very big thank you!

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