Kath Evans A.B.I.P.D.T.

A1K9 Kath Evans

Senior Dog Trainer / Kennel Supervisor

Now our most senior dog trainer, Kath is the longest serving member of the A1K9 dog training team. She first joined the business in 2002 having previously worked as a volunteer at another kennels whilst working as a hairdresser.

Kath had always wanted to work with dogs. Whilst she had no formal training experience when she joined A1K9, spurred on by her passion to be a dog trainer and desire to pursue the career she had always dreamed of, she proved to be a very fast learner.

Kath remains as dedicated to her work as ever. She has become a very accomplished dog trainer having learned much from A1K9 owners Gaynor and Charles as well as other experienced team members such as Martin Thurloe. She has also completed several overseas handovers for A1K9 travelling to locations as far away as the Caribbean to help A1K9 clients better understand their dogs.

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