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Holly - Family Protection Dog

Holly Personal Protection Dog

It’s a dog’s life!

Holly lording (or is it ladying) it up in her new abode with gentleman friend Jasper waiting to be chaperoned to the local Heath for a bit of fun & frolicking. They do have a good life don''t they.

Holly, what can I say! She is smart, mischievous (in small enjoyable doses), loving, cuddly, friendly, obedient (most of the time), protective (sorry territorial) and great to have around. She''s given Jasper, the old boy a new lease of life & can''t fail to put a smile on your face.

The main reason for this doggy heaven is that we listened to what Charles & Gaynor had to say & put to one side our own preconceptions of owning & introducing another dog to our household. I wanted a scary alpha male dog & came back with a slick, feminine bitch that will put the wind up anyone who might want to trespass our space / property etc, but gets on with our dog & has effortlessly & seamlessly fitted into our family life.

I take my hat off to Charles, Gaynor & all at A1K9 (a special thank you to Michelle who trained Holly) they certainly know their business, it''s been a pleasure. Plus you also get to spend a couple of great weekends down in the Valley''s!

Regards Ken

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What A1K9 Customers Say


"She has been an absolute delight to have in our home, extremely intelligent, robust, loving and incredibly protective of the family"

Nigel Mansel, OBE


"Thanks for your initial support and aftercare advice, very much appreciated and great to know you are a phone call away. I would recommend you to any perspective buyer of German Shepherd dogs."

Nigel B