Kim Sloane Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Duke - Family Protection Dog

Duke Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Dear Charles and Gaynor,
I am writing this letter to give you an update on Duke's well-being. He's doing fabulous, watching the house when I am gone and me when I finally get home at night and we go jogging. My neighbors also wanted me to mention how good they feel about having a dog in the neighborhood that lets them know when someone is creeping around our private drive. This dog is definitely a testament to your intensive training. It's interesting how he can travel anywhere with me, ignore other dogs and people unless they approach me, and unless given the command turn into a demon; yet, at the same time, my seventy-three year-old neighbor comes over for coffee and he wags his tail at the gate. I frequently have people over for the night and he sometimes sleeps at their feet, and when I'm at work my housecleaner and dog walker claim he's the sweetest little teddy bear.

I also wanted to thank you for all your help with Monty. As a reminder, Monty was the first dog I'd bought from you. I had him for about 2 months before my vet detected he had a heart murmur. That was an awful night. There I was at 6pm, after working all day, frantically calling you from the vet's lobby phone. I appreciate the fact that your first question was how I was doing, and your second statement was that I had nothing other than my feelings to worry about. After two months and without talking to the vet, you were telling me I had 3 options: bring the dog back and swap him for another with no additional cost, keep the dog and receive money back as he could only be a pet, and/or bring the dog back and get a full refund. I think we were on the phone on and off again for 3 hours that night, as we were both justifiably upset and worried about this dog as we learned the condition was pre-existing and the dog was sold to you in this condition. When I was concerned my pet insurance wouldn't pay for the cardio surgeon specialist I was referred to by my vet, you offered to pay for the exam. I never once doubted that 1) you were never aware of this condition and that he'd passed your vet's inspection (he'd made it three times previously through routine checks with mine as well before this was detected), 2) you were being 100% honest and upfront with me about my 3 options with this dog, and 3) I'm thankful you answered your phone that night as you were my lifeline.

To wrap up, 3 days after the specialist recommended I not use the dog for the purpose I'd purchased him for, I was once again in Wales looking at another dog. I was given top priority and shown both your gracious hospitality and every single animal you had available in stock. You even offered to let me keep Monty for free and train a new bitch up to my specifications and have me pick her up at a later date. You and Gaynor bent over backwards to help me out, and even when I couldn't in all good conscience keep Monty, you found a lovely sedate home for him. You let the new owners know the dog's history and he's now close enough you can check on him every couple of weeks to send me an update on how he's doing. In the meantime, Duke is sneaking into my heart and helping to heal the hurt.

To anyone who needs a testimonial, I hope my lengthy soliloquy gave you the impression that Charles and Gaynor are the genuine article. I wouldn't trust any other training facility to give me that kind of support, and when I return to the States and need another dog, I'm calling A1K9.
K Sloan

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