Louise and Roger W Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Sheba - Family Protection Dog

Shaba Personal Protection Dog

Dear Charles and Gaynor,

Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how Sheba, now ‘Shaza’ is getting on. Apart from being a total stunner, of course, she is brilliant all round. She is a good house dog and has fit into the family really well and as you quite rightly pointed out, rules the roost over Muxlow! She is working really well at guarding the house and the out building and when the landscaping is finished on the garden I have no doubt she will protect that too. I feel safe for the first time in a long time and don’t worry about leaving the property unattended anymore, so much so, I would never be without an A1K9 PP dog.
I’ve managed to get 1 kilo of weight onto her and she looks just right now, she has also had a season – poor Muxlow lost the kilo she gained the poor lovesick fool! I popped a photo in with this letter so you can see the happy couple together, as you will see, she looks well and content.
Thank you for finding her for us; she is a super little bitch full of spark.

Take care, Louise and Roger Wooley

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