Michelle Dwyer Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Sam - Family Protection Dog

Sam Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Hello to you all at A1 K9,

Its Michelle here, the lady who brought Sam from you in the summer, I hope you remember.... Hope you all had a lovely Xmas and a brilliant new year. Sorry I never got back to you straight away after we bought Sam from you but little Perry and I have had several fractures and it has been a bit hectic, thankfully all is well at the moment. I would like it very much it you would add our comments to your website, as I feel many people would benefit from your services and the wonderful dogs that you sell. Sam has been a god send to us and we all love him to bits, he settled in straight away. He adores our young son Josh who is wheelchair dependant due to cerebral palsy, Sam is like is his bodyguard. He is also very gentle with my middle son and me, which is excellent as we both have brittle bones disease and can spend several months a year in plaster. Lee my husband loves walking him with our 3 year old, as he gets pleasure watching Tommy hold the lead, without Sam pulling at all. He is a star in every way possible. Sam is the best thing to come in our lives, we love him as much as we love each other, he is a perfect family pet and member, and also the best protection we could ever have.

Thank you again so much, not just for Sam but for the way you made us all feel welcome, the children still about the ride on the quad bike with Gaynor.

Thank you once more,

with love Michelle

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