Mimi and Paul Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Sara - Family Protection Dog

Sara Personal Protection Dog

Hi Charles

Well 12 months on we thought we would update you on how Sara has settled in and also provide reassurance for anyone considering A1K9 for a protection dog in a family environment.

When we first came to A1K9 we were unsure how a "newcomer" would settle in with an old setter, a Weimaraner and two children aged 6 and 11 in the mix. First and foremost our need was for a protection dog and after a couple of meetings with Charles we soon realised we were spoilt for choice with the dogs and the expertise from the company history/training was second to none. You soon realise that these are professional people who are passionate about matching client needs with the right dog. Sara is testimony to that.

After a couple of trips we narrowed our choice down to Sara. The two day training we had with Gaynor, Charles and Andrew was reassuring and provided a great bonding time with Sara before heading home. Thanks Andrew for your patience!

Sara settled in to the family straight away, in fact better than we initially anticipated. She asserted her position with the other two dogs but they all get on extremely well together and her personality fits the mix. She is gorgeous to look at with a nature to match. She is wonderful with the children and very loving but one thing for sure she is extremely intelligent, always alert to the surroundings and she soon tells us if she senses something.

For the first time in ages we have felt safe in our own home and having that reassurance during the night that Sara is there is invaluable. She travels everywhere with us and is so quiet and well behaved that you can almost forget she is in the car, that is until someone approaches the vehicle that she may not like the look of. Her bark is enough to warn anyone not to get too close.

Unfortunately our need for a protection dog was born out of reaction to events not prevention, however now we have Sara, Paul can go to work knowing that I am safe at home and have all the protection I need when out walking in the woods or with the children.

Although we wanted a protection dog from A1K9, we have actually gained a very loyal and devoted member of the family that no one can put a price on.

Thanks again Charles, no doubt we will be down with Sara to see you when we go away or who knows maybe for another dog.

Mimi and Paul

Mimi and Paul have since bought Rafa another super A1K9 companion and protector.

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