Mr & Mrs Rowntree Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Major - Family Protection Dog

Major Personal Protection Dog

There can be no doubt that when replying to an advert, you can never be sure that you are going to get exactly what the advert states. We are delighted however to be able to confirm that the service provided by A1K9 from the initial phone call to the delivery of the dog has been exceptional; the advert is therefore true to its word. Potential purchasers will no doubt be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true but we can honestly say that we are now the happy owners of a lovely family pet who will also protect our property and family. Charles and Gaynor have gone to incredible lengths to get exactly the right dog for us and the training that has been given to the dog is first class. The dog we have bought is very loving and very stable. He has also shown on the training field that he is a very capable defender. We all sleep safer at night and enjoy our walks in remote countryside with renewed confidence that we are all much safer. A1K9 has provided exactly what they said they would. We would unreservedly encourage any potential customers to pay them a visit and see for themselves. This picture shows just how well Major gets on with our children.

The following letter was recieved only recently and is an up to date account of how one of our dogs is performing 4 years on:

Dear Charles and Gaynor,

I wanted to write on the 4 th anniversary of having major to let you know how we are all getting on. Major still remembers his training but he has also developed into a fully integrated member of the family. He and the children mutually adore each other and are seldom apart. He welcomes their friends and the girls know to properly introduce each friend to him and then he accepts them as part of the gang. He is the undefeated champion of Piggy in the middle and is the best catcher outside of the English Cricket Team. He accompanies me on daily walks and is known and greeted around the village as a ‘Gentle Giant''. He is excellent with livestock but hates squirrels and would love you to train him how to climb trees! We often walk very early in the morning and late at night and it is wonderfully liberating to never feel uneasy, no matter how deserted or remote the path and I never fear meeting anyone. We came across a group of youths in deserted lane 2 years ago who were breaking into a car. They fled when they saw us and we called the police who caught the youths in question. We also came across an unconscious man early one morning that had apparently slept out all night after getting lost whilst drunkenly attempting to walk home. He had hypothermia and whilst we waited for the ambulance to arrive Major nudged and licked him showing concern for the man.

One of our neighbours was recently burgled despite us having alarms and dogs (Our neighbour has a retriever). The opinion of all our neighbours is ‘you''re alright, you''ve got Major''. Certainly anyone coming near the house is aware that we have a dog that is keen to protect his territory. Now the girls have outgrown babysitters, we are able to leave them at home knowing that they have Major for company and that any unwelcome visitors will meet Major long before they get to the girls!

He is very caring towards our 13-year-old retriever and they share his big box although she now leaves all the barking to him. In summary Major has become the perfect dog. All who know him love him, he is totally trustworthy and he has the intelligence to distinguish between when someone poses a threat and when he can relax and be a family pet. We are all daily grateful to you for so expertly matched us up with Major and providing us all with such a comprehensively trained and reliable canine companion.

Yours Sincerely,

Angela R


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