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If you are looking for a personal protection dog and live local to or in Edinburgh look no further than A1K9. We are the longest established supplier of trained protection dogs throughout the UK and worldwide. We have supplied our personal protection dogs to some very highly respected celebrities and individuals as here at A1K9 we only supply and train the best German Shepard’s, Dobermans, and Rottweiler’s to our clients.

Along with supplying trained personal protection dogs A1K9 have many other services to offer. Our services include residential obedience dog training, dog training classes and security dog and handler training courses. These are all available to individuals or families in Edinburgh and surrounding areas.

A1K9 Personal Protection Dog Training

At A1K9 we train our personal protection dogs to the highest standards meaning they are fully controllable at all times.  Our in-depth training prior to the handover process prepares the protection dog to deal with everyday life as well as real life conflict allowing them to confidently defend their owner as well as their family and property with a measured and conclusive response in order to neutralise a potential threat.

Our protection dogs are trained to respond to an impending threat solely depending on the imminence of danger. Firstly, they will usually try and deter the threat by a range of aggression that is controlled such as barking or even growling. Most of the time this will eradicate the problem however in cases where it doesn’t, the protection dog will then wait for its owner or if the owner is at risk of being assaulted, the dog whether instructed to or not will disable the threat by biting and holding the assailant and further not releasing until commanded to do so.

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Contact us today if you live in the Edinburgh area and are searching for a personal protection dog, contact us here at A1K9 on 01792 883395 to find out more about the options available to you, to learn more about our trained protection dogs or to book an appointment to visit our facilities.

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