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Family Protection Dog Cody at A1K9

Family Protection Dog – Cody

13th November 2018

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Cody is yet another stunning example of a show-line German Shepherd that is also capable of performing a working role, he was chosen and imported by us from the Czech Republic.
Cody has all the attributes that we look for when sourcing our dogs, a nice calm nature, great temperament and a serious attitude towards his work. Needless to say, he has sailed through his training and even exceeded our expectations, probably due to his willingness to learn new tasks and his desire to please.
Cody’s obedience is faultless and he can be easily handled by anyone. His protection work is strong and he is fully committed to dealing with any threat and is very controllable to the point that he could even be worked by a child. Cody’s ultimate goal in life is to please his handler and keep them safe.
Cody is an easy dog to live with, he is happy to fit into everyday life and to mix with dogs of all sizes and people of all ages. If you want to go for a 5 mile walk Cody would be more than happy to accompany you, equally, he is more than happy to sit quietly whilst you watch TV. You can take Cody anywhere and he just takes everything in his stride, he truly is the most affable and adaptable lad.
As an all-rounder, Cody certainly has the X factor and would be more than suitable for any family looking to add a highly trained protection dog to their family; giving them a fabulous pet and a very capable security asset too!

Family protection dog Amo at A1K9.

Family Protection Dog – Amo

30th November 2018

About Amo

Amo is a nicely marked, sable, short coated, German Shepherd male, imported by us from the Czech Republic.
Amo is a medium sized dog with a strong head, but just because he is not the biggest it certainly does not mean that he is not one to be reckoned with, as any unwanted visitor would soon find out!
During his time here at A1K9, Amo has completed all his training and proved he has a steady calm nature and great laid back personality, so would be well suited to any family.
Amo is very obedient and biddable,making him a very easy dog to live with. He will happily chill out in the living room with you or be just as content to accompany you on a long walk!
Amo gets along well with people of all ages and is very social until given reason not to be! He is however a very territorial dog so would naturally do a great job keeping his home and grounds safe under his watchful eye.
All in all- Amo would be a fantastic family pet as well as being the family’s personal bodyguard.

Family protection dog Bina at A1K9

Family Protection Dog – Bina

14th November 2018

Bina is an imported Czech working line female, superb in every aspect, highly obedient and yet more capable than her size and cute character might lead you to believe.
This striking looking female is sable in colour, medium sized and very beautiful, with a super temperament and character. Bina is very easy to live with being perfectly happy to relax at home yet would jump at the chance of an outdoor adventure, as well as having a play with some other dogs! A perfect choice to live with a family with children, she loves nothing more than cuddles and play time!
Bina is a compact female but size is certainly not everything, as any unwanted intruder would soon find out as she is a very strong protector and would unquestionably deter or neutralise any potential threat to her family.
A remarkably loyal companion, Bina would be an absolute asset to any family, so if you are looking for a German Shepherd female who can adopt the role of being a sweet well rounded pet but with the ability to afford the family and home real protection then Bina is your girl!

A1K9 family protection dog Engie.

Family Protection Dog – Engie

30th November 2018

One word to sum A1K9 Engie up would be ‘Wow’! Engie is currently one of the best females in the kennels, a sable, short coated, German Shepherd, who is very sweet natured, has great presense and has that look about her which is ‘Not one to be messed with!’
She originates from the Czech Republic and has been imported to A1K9 to further her career as an executive level Family Protection Dog. She has absolutely flown through her training, excelling in all disciplines and has proved during her protection training that she certainly is not a shrinking violet and will come to the aid of her handler at a moments notice if the situation dictates.!
If Engie was to become part of your family, she would quicly prove to be the most loyal, loving ans amenable dog you could wish for, she is very eager to please and having top notch obedience makes her very controllable in all environments.
She is happy to spend time mixing with other dogs and people of all ages and would therefore be a great choice for a busy family home.
In summary, Engie is a lovable, fun, social and affectionate female whose loyalty to her future family will be unconditional as will be her resolve to protect them.

A1K9 Family protection dog Tina

Family Protection Dog – Tina

13th November 2018

About Tina

Executive level family protection dog Tina is a superb female from top Eastern European working bloodlines. She has now completed her training to be an Executive Level A1K9 Family Protection Dog and she is not one to miss!
Tina is sable in colour, looks very cute and cuddly and is a real sweetheart and her happy fun loving character makes her an ideal choice for a family with children as she loves nothing more than to play and have lots of fuss and fun. Again like all A1K9’s, Tina is very easy to live with, content just chilling out in front of the fire at home or just as happy to go for an energetic walk and enjoy the outdoors. Tina loves to play with other dogs big or small, so would definitely be a candidate for a family with existing dog or dogs. It’s fair to say that Tina has a really happy go lucky attitude to life and will fit in with whatever you choose to do, being happy to spend time with her human and canine pals.
Tina is quite compact in size, but don’t forget that here at A1K9 size is not everything as any unwanted intruder would soon find out! She is a strong protector and would deter and / or neutralise any potential threat to the family very swiftly and with great resolve.
Tina has crisp, sharp obedience and is easily handled; she loves to please and has a fabulous attitude to her work. She is a very bright lovable girl and a total joy to have around. Tina’s loyalty to her future family will be unfaltering and despite her feminine appearance and easy going nature, she is more than capable of protecting her loved ones in times of need.


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