Family Protection Dog - Executive Level

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A1K9 Executive Family Protection Dog Champ! The name really does say it all- but one word to sum this dog up would be Outstanding, Champ is a very special dog indeed, we selected and imported him from the Czech Republic.
He is a compact and squarely built bicolour German Shepherd Dog from top Czech working line breeding. A very capable protection dog who has a very level temperament and character, a protective nature and is super territorial and would be perfect for protecting the most high risk of individuals or family homes.
He is one of our top dogs at A1K9 and from the word go; he really has excelled throughout his obedience and protection training, which is hardly surprising given that he had already achieved a ZVV3 title before being purchased by us. To put this into context, only 3-5 dogs per year achieve a ZVV3 title!
‘’Czech and Slovak (ZVV/SVV) title system is a utility dog system. More realistic and demanding on all levels as compared to the thousands of dogs that acquire a SchH3. Only 3 to 5 dog’s yearly attain the ZVV3 title. This title includes long, detailed tracking phases, full obedience and extensive protection on and off leash. In Obedience, heeling with turns and about turns are dictated by the judge, so you never know where or when you will turn.’’

On the flip side, Champ loves being around people and children and his softer side really shines through when he’s on the receiving end of a belly rub! He loves a stroll in the park and lots of walks and his more than happy to socialise with other dogs but his favourite pastime is playing ball. If he was human, he’d probably be a premiership footballer!

In a nutshell, Champ would be a very loyal companion that will offer a high level of protection for a client looking to really heighten their security. Size is not everything, if you think you want a huge dog, then come and see this one and you will be sure to change your mind! Champ may be compact in size however when in work mode this dog is devastatingly effective and would certainly prove to be a would be attackers/burglars worse nightmare.
If you want the best, look no further than Champ!
As you would expect from an A1K9 Executive Protection Dog, he has been fully health tested and his hips and elbows x-rayed and certified as 0/0, the best available.

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