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Family protection dog Akira is yet another high quality, dark sable, German Shepherd female, we were fortunate enough to source from our contacts in the Czech Republic.

Coming from great breeding, Akira is a very substantial female and from a distance one could be fooled into thinking she was a male, although once up close her feminine features show through. Akira has a super sweet disposition, happy to interact and mingle with humans of all ages and always up for a game with other dogs if they want to play.

As for Akira’s working ability, the first word that comes to mind is wow! Her obedience is always on point and her protection work is certainly as strong as any of the male dogs that we have in our kennels, blowing a hole in the myth that females are not as tough as the males. Taught to deal with multiple assailants if required and to target weapon arms, this is certainly a lady that has more capability maybe than her looks give away.

If you are a family looking for a very high level of protection from your “cuddly pet” when required, then Akira could well be the perfect choice for you.

Akira has now completed our top level of training and is ready for her new home.

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