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A1K9 Family Protection dog App is a very striking looking Malinois male that we imported from our contacts in the Netherlands.  At had previously undertaken some KNPV training prior to joining us at A1K9 and this has provided some valuable foundation for the extensive training but he has received here.

Once you are Apps friend, he is a truly devoted and loving dog who loves fuss and cuddles, long walks and chill out time with his humans.  He is an outstanding family protection dog in all respects, with his loving nature, fingertip obedience and his willingness to re-defend at a moments notice.

He is quite a territorial dog for and I’m sure just the site of his big white teeth against his dark mask will be enough to deter all but the most stupid potential assailants.  He is undoubtedly an ideal dog for an individual or family looking to really beef up their security whilst incorporating a devoted family pet into their household.

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