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Information about Family Protection Dog Lucky

A1K9 family protection dog Lucky is a large, dark sable male imported from top working line German Shepherd breeders in the Czech Republic.
Lucky‘s obedience is faultless and he could be termed a machine when it comes to his protection work, a seriously capable dog who would give any intruder /attacker more than a run for their money!
Top breeding, excellent innate instincts coupled with the highest levels of A1K9 training mean that you could certainly depend upon Lucky to ensure that your family and your property is safe in the paws of a very canny K9 security operative.
With his lovely temperament and affable character, Lucky is perfectly suited for any family with children and other dogs. Lucky loves his walks and really enjoys a ball game or two thrown in before returning home and chillaxing with the family. He is an incredibly well-balanced obedient pet who will fit in with daily family life but on the flip side, a super family protection dog that will defend to the end.
Take it from us, it will take more than a novice intruder to get past this dog and if they do have the misfortune to tangle with him, they certainly won’t be LUCKY!

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