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About Lex

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Lex really is a good as it gets. One of our top-level dogs, his powerful and impressive protection work is matched only by his calm and affectionate nature when he isn’t working.

Lex is a large, sable male German Shepherd dog, with a very strong head and a happy expression, which quickly changes when his loved ones are threatened. We selected him from the very best of Eastern European bloodlines, and he has lived up to the promise of his ancestors!

It would be a foolish criminal to choose to tangle with Lex, and we suspect his strong territorial nature and look alone would deter all but the most foolish of intruders.

A perfect addition to a family looking for a high level of security and yet wanting to incorporate a fun dog with lots of character who enjoys the hustle and bustle of family life and wants to be part of it. Lex is also an awesome jogging companion, liberating you to jog in areas where you might not want to run alone.

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