Family Protection Dog - Executive Level

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Information about Family Protection Dog Caligula

If you are looking for the best high-end family friend and number 1 protector, look no further!
A1K9 family protection dog Caligula or Cali as we call him is one of, if not possibly the best all-rounders here at A1K9. His protection work is out of this world, not only will his pure presence deter undesirables from coming near you or your property- if they take a step closer Cali will go above and beyond to make sure that you remain safe. Coupled with his tenacity in the protection department, his obedience is nothing short of phenomenal, as whatever is asked of him this dog will aim to please.
If you enjoy long walks with friends and their dogs, Cali would be a great addition to bring along as he will happily play and romp with other dogs likewise if you have any other dogs in your household he will be more than happy to mingle!
Cali is stunning, his large athletic frame and dark sable looks are guaranteed to get heads turning wherever you go, however , don’t let his size put you off because this big boy will happily chill out and be cuddled all day long!
A very intelligent, happy and loveable GSD who is an absolute pleasure to have around, his loyalty and loving personality would be an asset to any family looking for a high measure of additional security, especially ones with young children who I am sure would quickly becomne his best friends. Cali is a dog who enjoys company and is content to join in with whatever is going on whether that means chilling out at home relaxing, going to the office or playing ball in the park or garden. A great pet that will double up as your family body-guard and best friend!

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