Obedient Pet

Vet Checked
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped

Pierre is a Hungarian wire haired Vizsla, originally trained by A1K9 on one of our residential obedience training packages for his previous owner, who sadly had a change of circumstances enabling us to buy Pierre.

A superb pet, loyal affectionate and fun-loving, Pierre loves nothing more than to spend time with his humans and never seemed to get fed up of the copious amounts of fuss and cuddles that he gets from whoever he meets.

As you would expect Pierre’s obedience is on point both on and off leash and whether you are off out for a brisk walk or a morning jog this boy will be very happy to be beside you.  Here is great with people of all ages and gets on with all dogs both male and female, so she would be a great choice for any family looking to integrate a pet dog even if they have an existing dog.

Certainly not in any way a protection dog but if you are looking for a fun loving family pet whose sole aim in life is to make his humans happy then Pierre may well be the dogs for you.  He is certainly one of the CW’s favourites and if he is not reserved soon he is likely to join the house pack.

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