Trained Personal Protection Dog (Sold) – Ella

Personal Protection Dog - Executive Level

Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 32 Months @ 01/06/2014
Sex: Female
Origin: UK
Vet Checked
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped
Pet Passport

Information about Ella

Ella is a pretty, semi long-coated UK bred German Shepherd female from imported parents and is on course to complete her A1K9 obedience and personal protection training in the very near future.
Ella is a happy go lucky young female who enjoys lots of interaction and play, making her especially suitable for a family with kids who would no doubt quickly become her best friends. Throughout Ellas training, we have found her to be very willing and attentive and generally a pleasure to have around and work with. She is very sweet natured and is happy in the company of other dogs and is happy to greet all people that she is introduced to with a lick and a wag of the tail, assuming of course that they are acting appropriately towards her owner; on the other hand, if put into a situation where she needs to protect, Ella is very capable and is quick to resolve conflict, literally growing in the face of adversity.
Ella is certainly going to bring much joy and great companionship to her future owners as well as a large helping of extra home security if and when needed A1K9 style.

A1K9 has over the last two decades become known worldwide for supplying top notch family protection dogs and personal protection dogs. If you are looking for a protection dog please get in touch.

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