Trained Family Protection Dog (Sold) – Fred

Personal Protection Dog - Executive Level

Breed: Malinois
Age: 29 Months @ 01/10/2009
Sex: Male
Vet Checked
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped

Information about Fred

Fred is a very affectionate Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) who just takes all things in life in his stride. He has a super temperament and character and having grown up with children and making daily school runs since puppy hood is very trustworthy around kids.
He enjoys all aspects of training and human interaction, obedience, protection work, agility or simply taking some leisure time on a relaxing walk. Fred is an ideal family dog and would fit in to most situations to fill a role of pet and protectorate as beneath Freds cute and lovable exterior is a more than capable protection dog, Being very aware of his surroundings and people acting strangely It wouldnt take long for a criminal or mugger confronted by Fred to realise that they had targeted the wrong person, - Justice Malinois style!

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