Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 65 Months @ 01/04/2015
Sex: Male
Origin: UK
Vet Checked
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped

Information about Mutz

Mutz is one of our UK sourced dogs, bred from imported parents. Trained as a standard level Family Protection dog, Mutz will certainly become a very welcome addition to any family looking for a lovely obedient pet that is also capable of acting as a great deterrent and home protector when required. Mutz has been with us for a considerable length of time and has therefore benefited from many hours of training during which time he has shown himself to be a good all-rounder, perfectly competent at his obedience and protection work. Mutz mixes well with people of all ages, is great around children as he has a very calm and stable disposition. Mutz is happy to mix with other female dogs and would be a good choice for someone looking to integrate a male where they already have a female, he is not however as tolerant of other male dogs, especially when they try to dominate him. If you are looking for a more affordable A1K9 protection dog, this may well be the boy for you.

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