Protection Dog – Fritz

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Breed: Malinois
Age: 5 years 10 months
Sex: male
Origin: Holland
Vet Checked
Elbow X-Ray
Hip X-Ray
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped
Pet Passport

Family protection dog Fritz is yet another super Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) imported from the Netherlands that we have been training at A1K9 to ready him for his future home.  Compact, athletically built and capable at his work, Fritz is fairly typical of the breed, however, like most of the Malinois that we import; he has that all important off switch making him a pleasure to have around.

If one reads up about Malinois on Google, you would be forgiven for believing that they are not a breed that lends itself to family life as they are reputed to have boundless energy and insane amounts of drive.  This certainly can be true especially if they are reared by inexperienced owners, however, at A1K9 we have a specific brief, to select dogs that are easy to live with, have a nice level temperament and can accept and excel at the training we provide to mould them into capable family pets and protectors.

Fritz certainly ticks all the boxes, being easy to handle and very eager to please, he would be an ideal fit with an active family who enjoy long walks or someone looking for a jogging companion that can also keep them safe on an early morning or late-night run. When it’s time to relax Fritz loves nothing more than curling up around your feet and chilling out with his humans.

A super dog who will provide great companionship and fun whilst being very capable of providing a high level of protection when required, highly recommended.

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