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A1K9 family protection dog Marty is an imported Malinois male who we sourced from our contacts in the Netherlands. A super looking dog with an outstanding, mega cuddly nature, one would probably not believe that this was an uber capable dog but this boy is a definite wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Prior to joining us, Marty had been in training for KNPV and had already achieved his PH1 qualification gaining near perfect scores.

Since joining us, Marty has participated in our top-level training programme and has passed through it all with flying colours, to the point that if it were possible to award a distinction, Marty certainly would have achieved it.

Marty has super sharp obedience, is very easily handled and is a joy to have around as he is just so willing and affectionate.

Flip the switch and put Marty into protection mode and you have all the back up you are ever likely to need in a challenging situation; however, it is all still perfectly controlled.

In addition to obedience and protection training, Marty has also been taught to find articles, useful if you drop the house keys whilst out on a walk and has been taught to search out intruders who may be trying to conceal themselves within the boundaries of the property. Add to this, targeting weapon arms, dealing with multiple assailants, and one has an extremely capable and steadfast protector on duty to keep the family safe 24/7.

Overall, Marty is one of our very specially trained dogs but for me one of his most impressive attributes is that he just fits in and wants to be everyone’s friend, showering affection on those that he is closest to, that is, until boundaries are crossed.

He epitomises the perfect balance of power with control and if you like cuddly dogs, then you will adore Marty.

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