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Here we present Vic, a large, strong male German Shepherd that we imported from Czech, although he was originally bred in Germany.

For many customers, the black and tan show-line German Shepherd is what they envisage when they picture the breed, but sadly these days it is very hard to find capable show-line dogs with a good, strong and stable working temperament.

Vic has shown himself to be a very able dog and a fast learner, dealing with all the challenges posed during his training with great aplomb and bonding closely with our training team, who all hold him in high regard.

Good with children and in the main accepting of other dogs, A1K9 Family Protection dog. Vic has progressed well with his training and has now graduated and is therefore now available to be reserved by his new family.

As with all our specially selected imported dogs, he has hips and elbows rated as 0/0.

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