Family Protection Dog - Executive Level

Breed: German Shepherd
Age: 38 Months @ 13/07/2017
Sex: Female
Origin: Import (Czech Republic)
Vet Checked
Elbow X-Ray
Hip X-Ray
Pedigree Papers
Kennel Club / FCI
Micro Chipped
Pet Passport

Information about Family Protection Dog Bessy

Another superb working bloodline female from Eastern Europe, Bessy has now completed her training to be an Executive Level personal protection dog, and when we're talking about A1K9 protection dogs, that's a high standard indeed!
Bessy is sable in colour, looks very cute and cuddly and is a real sweetheart. Her relaxed and calm character makes her an ideal choice for a family with children as she just loves to play and have lots of fuss and fun. Bessy is very easy to live with, being perfectly happy to chill out at home or just as content to go for an energetic walk and enjoy the outdoors. Whatever you choose to do, Bessy is more than happy to go along with the days routine and spend the time with you.
Bessy is quite a compact female but size is not everything as any unwanted intruder would soon find out as she's a strong protector and would deter or neutralise any potential threat to the family very swiftly and with great resolve.
A very bright, loyal and lovable female GSD, who is a joy to have around, Bessy’s loyalty to her future family would be paramount and despite her feminine appearance and easy going nature, she is more than capable of protecting her loved ones.

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