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Information about Family Protection Dog East

If you’re looking for a superbly bred, more laid back yet capable dog, look no further than A1K9 Family Protection Dog East!
Dark sable in colour, athletically built with a magnificent temperament, East is perfect for family life with children of all ages. Very loyal and obedient, and happy to mingle with other dogs, East could be described as a real all-rounder!
East has a very sweet nature and can be easily handled by a child or complete novice and his obedience is on point no matter who is at the end of the leash. With his dark colouring he has the look that alone would be enough to deter anyone from trying to invade the family home, However, should anyone (stupidly) take that chance they would instantly regret it, as beneath the calm persona is a very capable executive level A1K9 family protection dog!
Impeccably loyal, East is a fabulous family protection dog, reserved and laid back enough to be around small children or older adults, yet he will certainly not be slow in stepping up to protect those in his care!

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