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About Ilton

Ilton is a very handsome, show line German Shepherd and is what many people picture when considering the breed, and if the classic black and tan is your preference, it can be very difficult indeed to find one with the ability to match the looks. A1K9 Ilton, however, has it all; he is a substantial male from show stock, with a striking appearance, the willingness to work and a strong attitude when it comes to the protection of his loved ones.

We sourced Ilton from our partners in the Czech Republic, who know just how discerning we are here at A1K9 when it comes to putting our name, and well-deserved reputation, to any dog. It is a fact that very few show line dogs are capable of achieving the exacting standards that we set; hence you will see more working line GSDs on our site.

Ilton is a very easy dog to handle and is happy interacting with humans of all ages, so an ideal choice for a family looking for the traditional German Shepherd look but requiring the peace of mind A1K9 dogs are known to provide.

A1K9 Ilton is an Executive Level Family Protection dog which we are happy to recommend without hesitation.

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