Sam Matthews Personal Protection Dog Testimonials

Jake - Family Protection Dog

A1K9 Protection Dog with New Family

Hi Gaynor & Charles,

Thought it was about time I got around to emailing you regarding Jake alias Duke.

What a perfect dog! He has settled into our home much better than I think anybody could have expected.
With the children being so young I was worried about how he would be around them. He is brilliant. Amelia's favourite thing is hanging onto his tail or walking him by his collar. He is wonderfully tolerant and doesn't seem to be bothered by anything and he's now part of the furniture.
We walk him in the woods across the road to our house and found that we could let him off the lead very quickly as he responded well to our commands and never let us out of his sight. He has three good runs a day and loves playing with Henry when he throws a stick for him.

Jake now knows his territory and protects it well and I feel totally safe walking by myself in the woods with him which is something I would never have considered before.

He is now a pampered pouch who probably can't believe his luck. As a family we really enjoy having him, he is the perfect dog.

Kind regards,

Sam Matthews

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