Why choose A1K9 for your personal protection dog?

In the world we currently live in, more and more people are turning to Personal protection dogs as protection for their families. A personal protection dog is a perfect deterrent to a would-be attacker or burglar.

But with so many personal protection dog companies out there, why should you choose A1K9? Well, let us tell you!

Why A1K9?

A1K9 as a company has specialized in training and supplying personal protection dogs and family protection dogs for well over 20 years. We continually seek improvements and upgrades in all our training methods, we are always one step ahead of the game!

A1K9 only purchases the best dogs from the best-trusted sources and proven bloodlines, using many selected breeders across Europe.  We truly believe that this is an essential starting point to provide our clients with the best dogs possible. We start with the finest raw materials. They are subjected to rigorous tests from the very start, testing their temperament and natural ability. Each dog is also checked thoroughly by a vet, having hip and elbow x-rays before being purchased and imported into the UK.

Personal Protection Dog Training

Before they arrive in the UK, most of the dogs will have received condition training for at least seven or eight months in the very best facilities in Europe, then our A1K9 highly skilled specialist trainers will put the dogs through the most in-depth of canine training, this is the most thorough in the world which will last at least six months. Every A1K9 personal protection dog will receive a minimum of twelve months of training and conditioning. To put this into perspective a basic UK police dog will go through training for around 12 weeks.

A1K9 will not put a personal protection dog up for sale until we can offer a full guarantee that they will meet (and exceed) the high expectations of our clients.

A1K9 takes great care to ensure the right dog and the client are a perfect match! Each client’s lifestyle, personality, the family environment will be considered when choosing a personal protection dog. A personal protection dog should be viewed as not just a working dog but as a member of your family also, A1K9 will educate our clients on what owning a personal protection dog entails and ensure the best relationship is formed between the dog and its owner.

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A minimum of two days of handover training will be given to make sure that both the dog and family are happy. We believe this is crucial as it will help to form the perfect partnership.

A1K9 offers a full after-sales service for the lifetime of your personal protection dog, we are on hand seven days a week for any questions you may have.

We hope this helps you see why A1K9 really is the best choice, but to be honest we have only really scratched the service with the reasons above so why not give us a call on 01792 883395 to discuss your requirements or make an appointment to visit us to see our beautiful dogs.