A1K9 Personal Protection Dog

It can't all be work! - find out more

Our protection dogs are impeccably trained and conditioned to be caring, loving family pets that double as loyal companions and protectors.

Protection Dog Training Facilities

It can't all be work! - find out more

Our super kennel and training facilities provide a great environment for dogs to live and train whilst we prepare them for their future roles.

Family Protection Dogs Good With Children

It can't all be work! - find out more

A1K9s provide 24/7 security with fur and can be the kids playmate too!

A1K9 Outdoor Dog Training

It can't all be work! - find out more

We are fortunate to have a perfect environment with plenty of space for our dogs to train, exercise and be happy, keeping both their body’s and brains active.

It can't all be work! - find out more

Our trained protection dogs love to have fun too and a balance of work and play is important when training dogs.

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Darek Real Protection

It can't all be work! - find out more

Whilst our dogs are affable, friendly and outgoing, our intensive training teaches them to protect with devastating effectiveness when the situation dictates!

Welcome to A1K9, the professional personal protection dog trainers.

A1K9 is the longest established and most respected supplier of personal and family protection dogs in the UK.

The executive protection dogs and family guardians that we train are supplied to clients not just here in the UK but globally and we have earned a reputation for supplying top quality, impeccably trained protection dogs and providing unsurpassed, customer service.


Personal Protection Dogs are A1K9's Speciality.

A1K9 personal protection dogs are generally supplied to families and individuals who, for a variety of reasons, wish to improve the personal security of themselves, their families and their homes. Our dogs then fulfil a dual role in that family: one of trusted family pet, whilst being a reliable and highly trained to deal with a security breach should its owner, home or family become threatened. Some of our personal protection dog clients are well known celebrities and many are business executives who live busy lives, our two decades of experience pioneering this niche industry enables us to effectively tailor our dogs training in a balanced way, to prepare these dogs not just to deal with modern day threats to family security but also to remain calm and attentive allowing them to better integrate into our clients' busy lives.

Having gauged our clients’ requirements following an in depth discussion, it is likely that we will be able to help in the selection of potential candidates from the many trained personal protection dogs that we have available. After carefully matching a dog to its new owner, our personalised customer service programme ensures every dog handover goes smoothly, no matter where in the world the new owner is based.

Whether you are seeking an obedient family pet, accredited security dog or highly trained personal protection dog, we will be able to assist. The foundation of any personal protection dog training is obedience and as such A1K9 has the experience to offer a vast array of dog obedience training solutions. This includes a residential dog obedience training programme, where customers can entrust their pets to us for a period of 4 – 5 weeks, during which time we will train their dog to a high standard of on and off lead obedience. Irrespective of breed, we achieve consistently good results; the only requirement is that your dog must be at least 10 months of age to be enrolled.

For those who live locally to our facilities, just outside Swansea, a vast array of group dog training classes are available, from puppy classes’ right up to an advanced level of obedience. These are very popular and enable people to come to our facilities and train and learn with their dog.

As an accredited training centre with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers and National Training Inspectorate for Professional Dog Users, we also offer handler training courses for security dog handlers working within the commercial security sector. We sometimes have a number of trained dogs available that maybe suitable for use within the commercial security sector and we can provide accreditation for security dog and handler teams that have reached the required standard.

Should you have any dog training related enquiries, please do not hesitate to give us a call, as one of our experienced team will usually be on hand to offer professional advice.

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What Our Customers Say


"She has been an absolute delight to have in our home, extremely intelligent, robust, loving and incredibly protective of the family"



Nigel Mansel, OBE


"Thanks for your initial support and aftercare advice, very much appreciated and great to know you are a phone call away. I would recommend you to any perspective buyer of German Shepherd dogs."


Nigel B