The A1K9 Dog Training Academy Facilities

A1K9 Facilities

A1K9 Kennels

We are able to house forty dogs within our purpose built kennel complex, each dog having its own individual accommodation, compromising 5x5 foot sleeping area and 10x5 foot enclosed run. Each dogs sleeping compartment is thermally insulated, to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter – that being said, many of our kennels are independently heated for added comfort during the colder months.

Our kennel system is one of the latest designs and is constructed using UPVC with all metal work hot galvanised, which enables us to keep A1K9 kennels looking their best and more importantly, spotlessly clean.

The kennel staff are always on hand to ensure our dogs are kept clean, safe, fed, hydrated and well cared for. Where necessary, they too will walk and play with the dogs, should their trainer have a day off or be unwell.

Our Purpose Built Kennel Facilities Are Designed To Be a Comfortable Environment For The Dogs. Our Trainers and Kennel Staff Are Always On Hand To Ensure That The Dogs Are Kept Clean, Safe, Fed, Watered and Well Cared For.

We Take Great Pride In The A1K9 Dog Training Facilities; However, More Importantly The Dogs Seem To Love It Here Too!

Outdoor Exercise and Dog Training


In addition to the secure covered runs that the dogs have access to during their time in kennels, we also have large fenced fields where the dogs are put for periods during the day to enjoy some free time and we have 50 plus acres where they are exercised daily.

Parts of our land are segregated into dedicated training areas, five in all, that are securely fenced and are used for obedience training, protection dog training and for exercising younger dogs that might not yet have mastered the recall. These training fields are also used by the customers who attend our weekly dog training classes and by those who visit for one to one training with their dogs.

The extensive space we have available can be used to replicate a park environment, in order to train dogs to resist distractions and behave obediently in a parkland setting. Our training also includes teaching the dogs to be respectful around livestock.

We have a custom built dog agility area, with all manner of obstacles, designed to test and build dogs' confidence, as well as providing a welcome change to some of the more mundane aspects of dog training. The dogs love it, as do our customers and staff!

A1K9 Outdoor Training Areas

One of our outdoor exercise and training areas features a custom built dog agility course, with all manner of obstacles designed to test and build dogs' confidence. The dogs love it, as do our customers and staff!

With a 57 Acre Facility To Train and Exercise The Dogs and Thousands Of Acres Of Common Land On Our Doorstep, A1K9 Could Not Be Located In a More Ideal Spot.

A1K9 Indoor Training Facility

Indoor Dog Training Facilities

The A1K9 dog training facilities are located on a hillside in South Wales and unfortunately the weather can be a little temperamental, so we can suffer prolonged spells of rain and wind. For this reason, we invested in a large barn building which serves as an indoor training area enabling the dogs, staff and clients to concentrate on training without having to worry about inclement weather outside.

It is very useful when clients have travelled down to view our protection dogs only to find that when they arrive it is raining. The indoor training area is approximately 4000 square feet and is also used for classes during the winter months.

Investing in our large indoor training barn means that whatever the weather decides to do outside, we can still train the dogs inside. After all, we all appreciate staying dry and warm when the weather is bad.

The A1K9 Dog Training Academy Has Been Designed To Be A Great Environment For The Dogs And A Welcoming Place For Clients To Visit.

Customer Facilities

A large part of identifying our client's protection dog requirements are based on lengthy discussions to ascertain exactly what they need and part of our kennel complex encompasses a customer area which is both comfortable and welcoming and a perfect place to relax, chat about your needs and meet our trained dogs in a homely environment that even has its own private garden.

With fresh tea and coffee on hand, it has also proved to be a very popular addition to our facilities and is a place where our clients can relax, chat and chill out, especially when they are with us for the two-day handover which can be a little tiring. It also houses the customer rest room and provides a warm and welcoming haven, especially in the winter time.

A1K9 Facilities

Our customer hospitality area ia a welcoming environment where we can meet with clients to discuss our dogs and introduce them in a homely comfortable environment.

With Indoor and Outdoor Dog Training Areas, We Can Train Whatever The Weather.

A1K9 Custom Made Training Leads and Collars

A1K9 Shop

The A1K9 shop came about as a result of customers wanting to buy the same type of equipment that we use daily at A1K9. We stock custom made A1K9 dog training leads, check chains, semi-check collars, toys and a variety of dog training aids, as well as the Arden range of dog food which we feed to all the dogs.

In short, it is a one-stop shop where clients purchasing personal protection dogs can buy all of the essentials whilst with us for their handover and where people attending classes can purchase the training equipment that they may require.

We commission a company to make dog training leads and collars to our specification, plus a range of other training equipment. Currently available at our shop but we may start selling our training equipment on line soon!

Our On-site Shop Stocks Our Own Bespoke Training Leads and Collars Plus Dog Toys and Other Dog Training Equipment.

A1K9 Are Distributors Of Arden Grange Dog Food


The Arden Grange food is hypoallergenic, contains no artificial additives, wheat or gluten and we have found during our time of using this product ourselves that it keeps the dogs in superb condition and keeps upset stomachs to a minimum - even the fussiest of dogs love it.


Arden Grange Dog Food
A1K9 Leather Dog Training Leads

Our leather training leads and collars are produced from the finest leather and are finished with solid brass fittings, handmade for A1K9 here in the UK.

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