Testimonials ~ Family and Personal Protection Dogs

A1K9 has been supplying bespoke trained family and personal protection dogs for in excess of 20 years to both individuals and families from all walks of life. The common aim of all of our clients has been to own a well trained dog that can integrate fully with friends and family, is well disciplined, of balanced temperament, yet has the ability to look after them should the need arise. In a time where people are often quick to criticise and slow to praise, we are delighted to have received much positive feedback from our clients over the years and below are a selection of customer testimonials that have been sent to us from just some of our happy clients.

Nigel B Personal Protection Dog

Nigel B

Sorry it’s taken me so long to write to you. Mack has settled in to his new home and rules the place. He’s taken to a spot near the back door and protects at all cost!

Louise F Personal Protection Dog

Louise F

Your dogs are fabulous and a credit to you all. I only wish we had a bigger house so we could have 3 or 4 more!

Phil and Sharon Personal Protection Dog

Phil and Sharon P

Hi Charles & Gaynor Thought it was about time we let you know how Harry was doing and send a few pics. He is a fantastic protector and does not leave my side whenever I am out walking him.

David Kelly Samuel Personal Protection Dog

David, Kelly and Samuel

Riley is such a sociable dog and we are very glad to have him. He is a perfect pet for Sam, accepts customers/staff at the unit but still has a protective nature.


Mike M.

Cezar has given us a real sense of security and has proved to be a formidable force when strangers approach the house.  I would not hesitate to recommend Charles and Gaynor at A1K9 to anyone looking for a protection dog


Becky P

Elsa is settling in nicely and has become a lovely house dog. I feel really safe with her in the house. Kevin has come home in the middle of the night a couple of times, after nights out and she is very wary until she knows who it is.


Mimi and Paul

You soon realise that these are professional people who are passionate about matching client needs with the right dog. Sara is testimony to that.


The Connolly Familly

Hi Charles, We would like to thank you so much for the excellent service we received from you and all at A1K9. From my initial telephone call to you, I knew I was dealing with a very competent professional person.


Fredrik and Family in Spain

We have had Naro since May 2009 and he is a loyal, perfectly safe dog around any child and fully capable of defending us if needed.  I must say that I 100% trust Charles judgment picking out a suitable dog for any family with kids.


Julie R - M

I can't tell you just what a joy it is to have such an obedient, quiet and calm dog. I would not hesitate to recommend a1k9 to anybody who is looking for either a personal protection dog or simply for an obedient pet.


Tim Rolfe

The first dog that you chose to show me was Bak and from the first time I saw him I knew he was the dog for me. Bak was one of your more expensive dogs but the time spent on his training was immediately evident from the first demonstration.

paul raymond

Paul Raymond

You can be assured that I would be delighted to recommend you to your prospective new clients. Please do not hesitate to refer them to me by either phone or email as a reference to your services.


Jeff Bonser Chairman Walsall FC

He has filled such a gap in our lives; our house is now a home again and we have the added knowledge that if we felt threatened in any way he would deter anyone from harming us.


Ian and Nicky D

He makes sure when there is any potential threat that he puts himself between the threat and his family. Henk has given my family peace of mind and our lives back.


Gary Attwood

Dear Charles and Gaynor, We recently brought Chico form A1K9. Just a note letting you know how he is going on, Chico is the best dog that we have ever owned in the forty three years that we have been married.


Nigel Mansell O.B.E.

It is always a pleasure to work with fellow professionals and thank you for your input and understanding in training Geisha.  With best wishes.  Nigel Mansell OBE


Carol-Anne Whitelaw

The next thing he did was save me from a knife wielding mugger, I was walking him round the field at 1am, came across 4 teenagers, the one at the front of the group pulled a knife and demanded my purse.


Tracey S

Zak has become my best friend, whilst protecting me and my autistic child through a difficult time what which would have been a nightmare without him.


Sam Matthews

What a perfect dog!  He has settled into our home much better than I think anybody could have expected.   With the children being so young I was worried about how he would be around them.  He is brilliant!


Gordon C

Ronnie has become (just as we wanted) a bold protector of the home and people who call at the house are left in no doubt that he is around as he loudly announces their presence.


David & Kathy N


Louise and Roger Wooley


Lisa De Roode


B.W. Costa Del Sol


Tony & Caroline Wedgwood


Barbara & Brian Franks


Andrew Gibson


Andy Beale


Dr Ali


Richard and Marion Fox


Donna Stein


Stephanie and Colin Gottlieb

Jeanette Flemming

Jeanette Flemming


Carol & Dennis Gardener


Sallie Maclaine


Kim Sloane


Christine and Stephen Bond


Bob and Estelle Mitchell


Steve and Natasha


Keith Potts


The Hazle Family


Stephen Knowles


Sandra Van Wijk


Craig Barnes


Dave H


David & Linda Walker

Lawrence Slavin

Sandra Van Wijk


Craig Barnes


Phillip & Helen Gutteridge

Martin Tierney

Martin Tierney


Lai & Angela Man

Julian Dicks

Julian Dicks

Ken Mullholland

Ken Mullholland


Brian and Ellie-Rose Phillips

Eddie Mc Gorrigle

Eddie Mc Gorrigle


Julian Dicks

Cherralyn & Chris Williams

Cherralyn & Chris Williams


James & Andrea Kreitman


Mr & Mrs Rowntree


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What Our Customers Say


"She has been an absolute delight to have in our home, extremely intelligent, robust, loving and incredibly protective of the family"



Nigel Mansel, OBE


"Thanks for your initial support and aftercare advice, very much appreciated and great to know you are a phone call away. I would recommend you to any perspective buyer of German Shepherd dogs."


Nigel B