A1K9 Family Protection Dogs and Children

A1K9 Family Protection Dog Babysitting

A1K9 family protection dogs can be cuddly enough to be a child's best friend, yet are trained to also be the family's guardian should there be a security problem.

It is imperative for us to be 100% confident our dogs will fit into a normal family lifestyle


While the most important attribute of our dogs is their ability to give our clients and their family's peace of mind, we also understand that some will also have concerns regarding the safety of their children around our dogs. A large proportion of our clients have young families and in 20 years of supplying personal protection dogs with more than 1,000 individual dogs supplied, we have never once had a complaint from a client about the behaviour of a dog towards their children.

It is imperative for us to be 100% confident that our protection dogs will fit into a normal family lifestyle, all are chosen for their temperament and many have grown up in environments with children and as a result, our family protection dogs are also loving, friendly family pets.

At A1K9, we are also mindful that children love to run around, play ball and can be very noisy and we teach and condition our dogs to understand this is not a threat. We will not take chances with the safety of children and we will not place a dog into a home with children unless we are happy that the dog is well suited and will thrive in that environment.

We also stress that children must also be taught the boundaries by their parents and must be properly educated as to the things they can do with the dog and the things they cannot. Even the best trained, most affable dog can have its patience tested by a child that constantly pulls its tail!

An A1K9 Family Protection Dog Provides 24/7 Security, Yet It Is Also Capable Of Being The Children's Best Playmate.

But perhaps this message is better offered by a mother. Mum of four Debra started working for Charles in 2007 and admits she was originally sceptical about how personal protection dogs can interact with young children. She has now changed her mind. What follows is her experience of seeing these dogs around her young family.

"Let me begin by saying that whilst I now work for A1K9 the UK's leading Personal Protection Dog Training Company, that has not always been the case. As a mother of four kids, I can relate only too well to those people who are contemplating integrating a protection dog into their homes and family lives. I thought I would share my story. "I have worked for A1K9 since 2010 now but I first met Charles in 2007 while working at one of his other companies. If the truth be known I had no idea what a Personal Protection Dog was so Charles explained that the dogs are loving family pets who will play with the kids but who will protect its family from a threat if required to do so. "Being a mum of four boys, the youngest just 3 and 4 at the time, my children's safety is paramount to me. I couldn't begin to understand that it could be safe to have a trained protection dog in your home around small children. Young children, especially boys, can be loud, boisterous, and argumentative. How would a protection dog deal with this?

Your A1K9 family protection dog can be the family protector whilst also being your children's playmate!

"Charles explained that the dogs are chosen first and foremost for their temperament. Coupled with the many months of training, socialisation and conditioning, this means a dog can differentiate between threatening behaviour and just harmless, playful fun. I was intrigued by this and visited A1K9 with my children to see for myself. "I was a little apprehensive at first. Should I really be putting my children in a situation where they play with these highly trained protection dogs? But trusting Charles' judgement and his many years of knowledge and experience, I went ahead with the visit.

"Some of the dogs were bigger than my two younger boys but the kids were not phased at all - both of them walking their new K9 friends on a lead before rolling about on the grass with the dogs. They had far more fun than playing with Spiderman or Batman!

"Visits to A1K9 became frequent treats for the boys. I was being constantly nagged to go and see the dogs again and, shortly after, we became the proud owners of our very own female German Shepherd called Abi.

"Abi is absolutely adorable and for my younger boys, an extension of their toy box. But Abi remains extremely sweet natured and just loves all the attention. She loves us all unconditionally and I couldn't imagine our home without her. "In September 2010, we had another addition to our family and welcomed Oli, an 8 week old Bichon Frise, into our home. I wasn't sure how Abi would react with another dog in the house, especially one so small, but I needn't have worried. They instantly bonded and Abi, in effect, became his Mum. They get on extremely well and I'm sure Oli would be completely lost without her. They enjoy their walks together, playing with the children and they even sleep together.

"For someone who didn't understand the concept of a family protection dog and was quite nervous about introducing my children to them, I can now see that with the intense training that A1K9 provides, a dog can protect its loved ones and be trusted totally to safely play and interact with both my children and their friends who visit." I now spend much of my time speaking to potential clients and relay this story frequently whilst on the phone, often to concerned mums

Debra Dyche

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