Christine and Stephen Bond Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

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Rocco Personal Protection Dog Testimonial

Hello Charles and Gaynor,

I have attached a picture of Rocco showing how ready he is for Christmas - Rocco is everything you said he would be and more. He has fitted in with our family, he is great with the boys, full of fun and proving to be a very loyal companion. He has the patience of a saint.

He isn't left on his own very often because of the hours Steve works but when he is left we always return to find either my glove or Steves slipper on his bed, never damaged but slightly wet. We think he is using them as a security item and believe that he is truly happy.

Wishing you, Gaynor and all your team a really wonderful Christmas and New Year.
Will update you on his progress in 2006.

Warmest wishes

The Bonds and animals. XX

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