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Trained Dogs For Sale - Ben

Trained Dogs For Sale – Ben

18th February 2017

Personal Protection Dog – Executive Level TRAINER’S COMMENTS A1K9 family protection dog Ben, comes from a very long and distinguished line of World renowned Czech working dogs and as a good friend of mine would say, he is genetically pre disposed to be a great dog and I have to agree. Information about Ben The…

Trained Dogs For Sale - Quick

Trained Dogs For Sale – Quick

21st February 2017

Information about Quick

A1K9 family protection dog Quick is yet another stunning example of the German Shepherd breed, coming from top show lines bred in Germany and imported by us from the Czech Republic.
Quick has all of the attributes that we look for when sourcing our dogs and yet, he has still exceeded all expectations during his training, probably due to his very calm temperament and his ability to learn new tasks quickly (must be something to do with the name).
Quick’s obedience is near faultless and he is easily handled, his protection work is strong and he is fully committed to dealing with any threat, yet again is extremely controllable to the point he could even be worked by a child. His ultimate goal is to please his handler and to keep them out of harms way and quick is happy to go the extra mile to accomplish both.
Quick is an easy dog to live with, happy to fit into everyday life and to mix with people of all ages, never really putting a paw out of place. I think if he could talk, he would say he is happy to go with the flow as whatever we do with him, he seems happy with, 5 mile walk – no problem, game of ball, – no problem, sit quietly while we watch TV – no problem, he truly is the most affable and adaptable fellow.
As an all rounder, Quick is a certain winner and as such would be suitable for any family looking to add a highly trained protection dog to their family unit giving them a fabulous pet and a very tangible security asset too.


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