Rhys Beynon-Howells

A1K9 Dog Trainer Rhys

Rhys originally came to A1K9 as a volunteer at the start of 2017 whilst studying at college. His original ambition was to join the military and progress to become a dog handler, but having worked alongside us here, he decided he would prefer to work for A1K9 and joined us as a member of the team after completing his studies.

Since joining us, Rhys has progressed extremely well as an A1K9 dog trainer and is very much a valued member of the team. If you were to ask him his favourite part of the job, it would be playing the role of the decoy (bad guy); he is always one of the first to offer to wear the bite suit when training dogs for protection work even though he is regularly left with bruises as souvenirs of the days training!

Rhys also gets immense satisfaction seeing the dogs that he has trained go to their new homes and become part of a family. He enjoys travelling and working with our clients and is always happy to assist with handovers, whether they are in the UK or abroad.

Outside of work, Rhys enjoys spending time with his own family dogs as well as swimming and playing golf.

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