Honey Family Protection Dog Testimonial

Honey - Family Protection Dog

A1K9 Personal Protection Dog Honey Lying Down

Hi Charles / Deb
Just wanted to send you an update as we have now had sufficient time to let Honey settle in and give you some honest feedback.

Due to moving to a remote rural location we as a family wanted to step up the security as our current dog ( a Rhodesian Ridgeback ) had very little guarding instinct.

Having previously owned and bred German shepherds before we decided this would be the breed for us . I scoured the internet looking for breeders but never found anything that got me excited enough to pick up the phone and make the call . Also having the concerns that even though you can invest lots of time and money said puppy may not even make the grade as was required.

We decided to look at an older trained dog and very soon came across A1K9 on the internet. Reading some of the testimonials and seeing some of the feedback of the lovely dogs was enough for me to pick up the phone and make the call.

I had set my mind on a working line male and was excited to see what you had got for us.

On the journey down I had lots of time to think .
Having competed with gundogs at the highest level I am not a novice when it come to dogs but had concerns that any opinions I had would be shot down in flames as it’s a very different field .

Within about 5 minutes of arriving all my concerns were firmly laid to rest as we chatted and finding ourselves agreeing on many things .
Looking in the kennels at A1K9 there are many dogs that caught my eye but as we are an unconventional family with my oldest son being disabled and also already owning two other dogs it reduced the choice of suitable dogs . We chose three dogs from the kennels that we liked that were suitable ( one of which was the dog that Charles had recommend to us ) .

The team then demonstrated the chosen dogs for us and also let them interact with our own dogs . Very soon I found myself drawn to the dog that Charles had recommended to us not a working line male but a show line female . As we were watching the dogs interact with each other A1K9 Honey had found a spot lay down by my sons large motorised wheelchair. It was then that we realised that Honey had chosen us ! Honey wasn’t the dog that we went for but without a shadow of doubt she was the right dog for our family.
Honey is without a doubt an absolute dream to have around. She is impeccably well mannered, exceptionally laid back and great with our three children and their friends when they come to visit. We also have the piece of mind that boy can she kick off when needed and it would take a complete moron to test her when she is in protection mode !! .

At no point were we under any pressure to purchase any of the dogs that you had and feel that we were given sound advice for our circumstances. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with A1K9 and I am sure we will see you again in the future.

Chris W

A1K9 Personal Protection Dog Honey Lying by Wheelchair
A1K9 Personal Protection Dog Honey

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