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Charles at A1K9 has recently had the pleasure of being invited to meet Paul Thorpe, an admired former watch dealer, now retired, having been in the watch business since 1975. He now concentrates on his role as a luxury watch expert & advisor and operates a well-subscribed YouTube channel. He uses his channel to pass on some of the extensive knowledge he has gained as one of the most well-known watch dealers in the UK and Europe.

Unfortunately, Paul has himself previously been the target of several distressing robberies. Due to the big increase in high-value watch thefts, robberies, and burglaries, Paul decided to interview Charles - A1K9’s founder. The interview was the latest in a series of spotlights from Paul, focusing on protection and safety both in terms of your home, assets, and family. Together, Paul and Charles discuss the particulars of what an A1K9 protection dog can offer, as well as highlighting how they can help in traumatic situations such as home invasion, street thefts, etc.

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The Protection dogs that A1K9 supply are highly skilled canines. Our dogs undergo extensive training to prepare them for effective conflict management, they may have to deal with specific threats as well as more general security risks that may present themselves. However, once the danger has passed, the dog’s personality will return to that of the loving, kind, and affectionate family pet you spend time with every day. A1K9 dogs are truly dual-purpose but are happy and capable as both the loyal family pet and the protectors of their family. Our protection dogs perform outstandingly in both roles, adapting to a situation as required and remaining devoted to their family.

The dogs that are trained here at A1K9 are not one-size-fits-all. Every dog across the globe is a unique individual and the families we work with also have their own requirements or personal circumstances, it’s important to match up these criteria. Every canine at A1K9, regardless of its background will have received a considerable amount of training and conditioning, not just focused on obedience and protection but also on how to behave around children, crowds, and other animals. The objective of this thorough training and conditioning is to prepare the dog to become a member of your family and to seamlessly fit into your household.

As each protection dog has its own characteristics and training skills, they will be matched to you, depending on your protection needs. This makes your personal and family protection dog completely unique to you as a family. Having a protection dog at your side and knowing that they can protect you at all costs can make all the difference, especially if you have previously been at risk in a traumatic situation. Your dog from A1K9 is the protection and reassurance you need if a threatening or dangerous situation occurs.

Get the Full Story with Paul Thorpe

Paul’s interview goes into detail about A1K9 as a brand, where it all began, how protection dog candidates are chosen, what breeds are favoured, and what the A1K9 training program consists of. As well as asking about the sales process and the all-important customer handover process, Paul also covers a couple of frequently asked questions, such as the differences between personal protection dogs, property guard dogs, and even hiring manned or gated security, diving into the benefits and disadvantages of each.

Charles also goes into detail regarding the breeds of dogs A1K9 favour for training as protection dogs and he also addresses the important fact that not all canines, even from typical guarding breeds are suitable or capable candidates to become an A1K9 protection dog.

Not only has Paul Thorpe given this thorough interview on protection dogs, but he also offers a number of services based on his passion for and expertise in luxury watches. His range of services include acting as a trusted advisor to the tentative watch buyer, a specialist consultant to the watch industry, and offering recommendations for trusted watch dealers. Paul’s authority on the subject of watches is second to none, and he has even assisted in various law enforcement investigations for watch-related criminal activity. If you’re interested in Paul’s expertise and services, or would simply like to find out more, then he has a number of channels where he can be found.

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