With certain types of crime on the increase, perhaps it’s time to think about how to keep your family safe by investing in a highly trained A1K9 family protection dog!

With certain types of crime on the increase, perhaps it’s time to think about how to keep your family safe by investing in a highly trained A1K9 family protection dog!

They want to steal your car but unfortunately, all too often this results in assaults and injury to the homeowners as thieves will try to enter the house to get the keys!

Unfortunately, car crime is on the rise, it is a huge problem all over the UK, with criminals utilising more sophisticated ways to steal your car and get away with it. Thieves can clone your car keys, and drive away in your car within minutes, sometimes even seconds they can also break-in and enter your house to take the car keys putting you and your family in danger in the process.

With many cars now having keyless entry, potential thieves only need to be a few metres away from your car keys to clone and relay the signal. This fools the car into thinking they are the owner’s keys, therefore allowing them to unlock the car, turn on the ignition and get the car started. Without investing in additional security methods, thieves can often complete this whole process with ease in under 60 seconds, while you remain blissfully unaware until it is too late.

How can I keep my vehicle and home safe?

Devices such as steering locks will often deter criminals, and if you have a secure garage make sure you use it to keep your car safely stored out of sight.

Other deterrents are available such as anti-theft car key safes, these are secure boxes that block the signals thieves use to steal your vehicle. There are also pouches available to do the same, however, this is when you may inadvertently encourage your home to become more of a target because they will now have to break into your house to get the keys, putting you and your family in danger of attack.

So now, not only do you have to invest in car deterrent devices but home ones too: People spend significant amounts of money on house alarms and other security systems to try and protect their homes. And the car thieves and other criminals are increasingly finding sophisticated ways of getting around these. Security codes can be bypassed, swipe cards are easily replicated and in the worst-case scenario, you could find yourself face to face with an unwanted intruder in your home, demanding car keys, watches, jewellery, cash and other valuables!

Maybe time to consider investing in a Highly Trained Personal Protection Dog

This is where an A1K9 personal protection dog comes in…  our highly trained personal protection dogs cannot be bypassed by security codes or swipe cards. Unlike an alarm that merely tells you that someone is trying to breach your home security; our highly trained A1K9 family protection dogs will physically intervene when required keeping your family, home and car considerably safer.

We have many success stories and testimonials about our dogs keeping clients safe in their moments of need, it is a proven way to make your home a less attractive target to potential thieves and will certainly give you greater confidence in your family, home and possessions being protected at all times.

Our personal protection dogs often provide the answer to dissuading intruders or attackers.

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