How effective is a protection dog at protecting your home?

It goes without saying that the presence of any dog at a property is going to act as a deterrent to would be intruders as they make unwelcome noise, which any potential burglar tries their best to avoid.  If one then combines the dogs natural instinct to protect what it perceives to be its territory  with the intensive training that any of our highly trained A1K9 family protection dog typically undergo before they leave us; one then has a dog that is capable of using both its vocal skills to deter would be intruders and if required 42 sharp teeth that it can and will employ to cement the message ~ to go away and try invade another house!

A1K9 Protection Dogs In Action

We have several customers who live in areas that are perceived to be affluent and are therefore unfortunately highly targeted, interestingly they tell us that thankfully their and sometimes their immediate neighbour’s houses seem to be left alone by the criminal fraternity, whereas in many cases most other houses in the road may have been targeted.

I would suggest that the facts speak for themselves; homes with an A1K9 protection dog in residence are a lot less likely to be singled out by burglars and other criminals as viable targets and with the long nights drawing in, maybe now is the time to investigate making your family safer and your home a less easy target by incorporating an A1K9 protection dog.

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