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After our recent interview with Paul Thorpe, we invited him to visit the A1K9 base of operations and see what we do in person. During his visit to Swansea, Paul had to chance to meet not only Charles, Managing Director of A1K9, but also our personal protection dog training professionals, and most importantly, the dogs themselves.

Paul takes his audience along for the journey, as well as his friend Spencer, in his recent YouTube video. Watch the video below or read on to find out exactly what Paul and Spencer got up to during their day at A1K9.

The Tour

While at A1K9, Paul and Spencer had the chance to take it all in, from the 50 acres of land to seeing our kennels and some of our dogs in action. At any time A1K9 could have over 30 protection dogs at the property at various stages in their training. Our fully-trained dogs that are ready for purchase can be seen here, or we’re more than happy for interested families to get in touch or even visit A1K9, much like Paul and Spencer.

During the day Paul and Spencer also had the chance to meet the 5 members of staff working that day and see how they interact with the dogs. Each professional trainer also looks after the kennels, as we believe it’s important for a dog and trainer to be able to form a relationship. Plus, this bond may be vital in ensuring nothing is missed. As a trainer, handler, and friend, each staff member could almost be seen as the temporary owner of the dogs in their care.

The guys were also able to see a range of training exercises, including obedience training as well as basic protection work. The exercises included a range of scenarios that train the dog to engage and disengage on command, as well as control and guarding (both people and object) exercises. This gave our dogs the chance to show off a range of their skills and abilities, as well as how they switch when needed. Our dogs show no aggression until warranted and commanded to protect.

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What We Do

Here at A1K9, we take what we do very seriously. There’s an awful lot of work that goes into training our protection dogs and with over 30 years of experience, that’s an awful lot of time and dedication. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We really love what we do and would call it a labour of love. The A1K9 complex is situated on nearly 50 acres of land, and we couldn’t think of anywhere better to spend our days - training and working with our protection dogs in training.

Although A1K9 trained protection dogs are excellent at what they do, in the home or out and about with your family they are first and foremost your pet. Our dogs are extremely loyal, and we actively select dogs with a naturally “nice” temperament. Our dogs not only protect you during potentially dangerous circumstances, but they also support you and offer great comfort to their owners.

Protection dogs have the potential and capability to handle a potentially dangerous situation, but they’re not looking for danger. They simply know how to effectively deal with a problem when it arises, and having this handle on a situation is all down to their training. In the video, Charles jokes that these dogs should be considered loyal pets that are simply trained in martial arts, but this analogy is the closest we’ve heard to what we do!

Belgian Malinois Family Protection Dog

The A1K9 Difference

When browsing the A1K9 website or even coming to visit us in Swansea, there may be a dog you feel particularly drawn to. However, the dog you might like best may not always be the dog that’s best for you. This is a key part of our process here at A1K9, and we will always strive to make suitable recommendations based on an assessment of personal circumstances or home situation.

For instance, both Paul and Spencer were drawn to male Dobermanns but since they have male dogs at home already, we would recommend pairing them with a female protection dog that is friendly towards other dogs, as we find this match-up tends to work better and be more suitable. In this regard Charles has been called a ‘fussy seller,’ as if the match-up isn’t right, he simply will not sell. A1K9 doesn’t take chances.

This level of care also extends to the handover process. Our dogs and their new owners will have a two-day handover and during this time the start of your bond will begin to grow, built on absolute trust and loyalty – which many find quite empowering. For the sake of this video, Paul had a mere 5 minutes to learn the correct commands and for this reason, trainer Rhys was present to ensure safety. Although our dogs know exactly what they should be doing it’s also vital that the owner knows too. From the correct commands to timing, this handover process builds a solid foundation for your new pet and protector.

Get in Touch!

If you’re interested in a protection dog of your own, contact A1K9 today. You can get in touch through the contact form on our website, WhatsApp, or by giving us a call. We’ll be more than happy to speak with you, chat through any requirements, and match you with your perfect protection dog. Or you can even come down and get a feel for your potential new pet and protector in person!

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