Charles Wall speaks to Talksport about his personal protection dogs

A1K9 Director With Protection Dog

Paul Ross who hosts Extra Time on Talk sport (the world’s biggest sports radio station) talks about the new must-have accessory that many premiership footballers seem to be going for.. not a fancy car or the latest designer suit…or even a pair of brand new Louboutin’s ….this is something much more useful, vital and beautiful: A personal protection dog.

Protection dogs by Lamboghini

Listen to A1K9’s managing director Charles Wall chat to Paul, in this interview, Charles explains how this all began as a hobby and his love of dogs. A1K9 have been established for over 25 years, with that experience behind him find out which breeds Charles chooses and why, and how each dog is trained for at least 12 months to bring out the best in that dog and its natural personality. Charles tells us of the benefits of owning a personal protection dog and how they are trained to protect. Charles also reveals some of the celebrity’s that have purchased a personal protection dog from A1K9 and why he insists on a minimum 2-day handover to ensure the client and dog are both happy! A1K9’s highly trained protection dogs are trained so that they are happy and safe to be at home with children and toddlers and be a much-loved family pet but are also ready to protect should you, your family or home be threatened. Also revealed is the cost of one of A1K9’s protection dogs this can range from £13,000 to £35,000, have a listen to find out why they are worth every penny!

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